If you watched Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 you should read this.Camp Rock 3 will be about how the KIDS take charge.It's time for the Jam only a month away.All the teenagers are stressing but the kids have a plan.

Camp Rock 3 (Part 1)Edit

Mitchie:We only have a month to make up a song and dance routine for the Jam and only half the people have arrived!

Shane:Don't worry we'll work it out.


Claire,9:You can say that again.

Mark,10:What do we do?

Joshua,10:There are only 10 kids.

Katie,10:And like 40 teens.

Jade,10:More  like 30 teens.


Lucas,9:Probably 37.

Eleanor,10:How do you know that?


Lilac:So far only half the teenagers showed up.I know we are the only kids cause I saw the check in list.We should unpack.

Camp Rock 3 (Part 2)Edit



(Mitchie and Caitlyn hug)

Shane:Hey girls.

Caitlyn:What are we gonna do for the Jam?

Shane:I don't know.

Mitchie:We're trying to find that out.


Mitchie:Lets get you unpacked.

Shane:Bye girls.

Camp Rock 3 (Part 3)Edit

(Mitchie unpacks and so does Caitlyn)

Caitlyn:So what do you think we'll do for the Jam?

Mitchie:I don't know.

(Meanwhile the kids were in the craft room.There coach went to the bathroom)

Lilac:Hey do you wanna join the Jam?

Claire:Yeah do you?

Eleanor:I do.



All the boys:Yay-ya!

Lilac:Lets talk about tomorrow at lunch.

Everyone but Lilac:Okay.


Camp Rock 3 (Part 4)Edit

(Everyone is at lunch)

Lilac:Guys I got cake.

Lucas:How come I couldn't get some?

(Claire joins the table)

Claire:Because the cake wasn't finished.

Eleanor:Aren't we here to talk about the Jam?


Lilac:Quiet down.We don't want anyone else to here us.

Claire:Here's the it?

Everyone but Claire:Yeah!